11  random things you may or may not want to know

1.  I chose 11 things because I was born on the 11th of September.

2.  I grew up in Montana and spent half my childhood outdoors hiking, fishing, rock-skipping, camping, huckleberry picking, begrudgingly gardening and simply exploring.

3.  I am an artist.  I like to create things.  I draw and write and take photos and paint and dance and dream and pretend to knit.  Oh, and a few years ago, I finally realized that an artist is who I am and not just what I am.

4.  If I were stranded on an island for months and could only have one drink, I would choose apple juice.  I should probably take water.  Or whiskey.  No, apple juice.

5.  I have one sister who is five years younger than me.  She is hilarious, hardworking and inspirational, beautiful on the inside and out.

6. I can write upside-down, backwards and with both hands.  I always write that in my ‘about me’ pages and I don’t know why.  I guess it makes me feel cool.

7.  Over the course of four years, I moved nine times, traveled in several different countries and lived in seven different towns/cities.

8.   I’m pretty awesome at tetris.

9.  I’ve donated my hair to locks of love four times.

10. I have some of the most incredible friends in the entire world.  They challenge, motivate, focus and humble me. I am a better person because of them and am forever grateful. (you know who you are)

11.  This is my 11th blog.  (Yes, I saved it for # 11 on purpose and yes, I know that’s too many blogs)  But here’s the deal…I think this one might become my favorite.  I hope you enjoy it too. 🙂


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